Serenity in Sobriety

Like a Lotus flower that grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface, We can rise above our Defilement’s and Sufferings of Life

Welcome to Serenity in Sobriety

This is about getting the message out there that Trauma is a gateway for Addictions and that even though you don’t suffer from addictions, your most likely using some form of substance in a way to mask it.

Whether its eating, gambling, gossiping, sex, bullying, being a narcissists. We are all affected by trauma in one way or another and it shows up as loss, grief, self-esteem, abuse, injuries, abandonment, violence, health, neglect, shame, guilt, emotional pain, inter-generational, grief and being distraught to name a few but It’s not limited to everyday events that may arise like a house fire, a lost long term relationship, natural disasters, foster care, adoption, poverty, accidents, sudden unexpected loss, war, missing persons.

This affected our life in some way. It pops up unexpectedly or it’s been passed down from our great grand parents to our grand parents to our parents to us. It’s a learned pattern that keeps moving through our families until we finally choose to break this cycle ourselves and start being accountable for our own actions showing and giving our children a better life. This group is about sharing, healing and seeing your self worth. To bring awareness to our lives, develop a resilience to triggers or situations, re-integrate and re-build ourselves and discover that we are worthy of a great life. We are loving humans that need connection with others around us and we are deserving of that.

2020 is about change, it’s a new decade to bring everything together and be whole again, be who we were meant to be.

The F word

            I’m curious to what you’re thinking when I call this writing The F Word. I’m talking about feelings. I’ve heard recently that in the beginning of recovery that I shouldn’t trust my feelings cause the best of it got me into recovery to begin with and nothing else. I can say that’s true enough,Continue reading “The F word”


            What are distractions to us? Which are good and which are bad? Why do we do and how do we do? These are some valid concerns to how we distract ourselves and how some are good and some are bad. This topic I will be talking from an “I” perspective because I cannot speakContinue reading “Distractions”

Broken Boundaries

            Part of this week was working around boundaries and what was the greatest boundaries we lost growing up. I heard everyone’s stories and it touched me in a way that made mine incomprehensible to everyone else’s however that’s the thing about our individuality, it’s owning our own story and what that story means toContinue reading “Broken Boundaries”

Dear Alcohol

            The thing is I am going through Treatment here at Round Lake Treatment Centre as a 7 week refresher and the Kool thing is that I heard a saying that when the students ready, the teacher will show. Unexpectedly 31 teachers showed up for me as my peers and I couldn’t be more grateful.Continue reading “Dear Alcohol”

Lateral Violence

Lateral Violence What is lateral violence? Although it is found everywhere, lateral violence in this case refers to its impact in communities, workplaces, homes, events and literally everywhere there are people. Lateral violence is a learned behaviour as a result of colonialism and patriarchal methods of governing and developing a society. What are the behavioursContinue reading “Lateral Violence”

Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma Traumatic events and experiences are subjective. Subjectively, some individuals are more vulnerable or susceptible to stress than others who are more resilient or resistant. How are traumatic occurrence affects an individual depends on many factors, including characteristics of the individual, the type and characteristics of the events or occurrence, developmental processes comma theContinue reading “Understanding Trauma”

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