New years is just around the corner and the inevitable question come to 99.99% of people around the globe. What is your New Years Resolutions going to be for the new year? I’ve really thought about this all day today and even talked with a friend, what he told me is something that hit hard up in the head. Why does it have to be that one day of the year? That one promise I will not try to break or lose sight of no matter what comes at me in 2020? Some are going to quite smoking, some are going to try and quite drinking and some will try and quite, quitting…… So why do we wait for that one time of the year to kick any habit and be someone different?

I have been thinking about some for myself cause I’ve already quite drinking and yet I haven’t quite smoking so people call me on that so I say is I don’t wanna give up one vice while attempting another to fall back on because I know I will eventually give up smoking in my own time. I had to grieve my drinking habit and if that sounds funny or odd, believe me its even weirder to say and think. I did grieve not being able to drink because it became my identity for 23 yrs and to give something that you were able to hide behind for so long is not an easy task, it is you. It became a crutch and a friend you could confide in. It would never tell my secrets because when I got drunk enough, I’d do it myself. So I did go through grief with it and that taught me a lot about who I was going to be.

Back to the resolutions bit. So thinking that someone has to wait for that one day and keep with it, it better be something worth it. Something that everyone will benefit from, not only you but everyone around you. I was thinking that for myself, I’ve quite drinking but I’m not done growing as a person. I want to keep growing throughout 2020, I want to humble myself to those around me, I want to be accountable of myself throughout the year and beyond. I want to help others and myself, I want, I want, I want….. I just want to be me but be better than I was the day before last, 366 days in a row this coming year (were leaping this year) and If I happen to slip at not being me, I won’t lose sight of what I want to be, because another day is coming, one day at a time. That’s how we get through addiction right? One day at a time, all we have to worry about is the next 24 hrs? even an hour at a time? Why not keep a good thing going and happens to be working for us. I’ve told people that thinking about the past leads to resentment and shame and looking to far into the future brings anxiety and fear. Staying in the present is a gift that we can live through our heart and for ourselves.

So I hope that if you make a resolution this year it benefits you and others around you, That you can keep on track with it for 366 days and that you will grow from your promise to yourself. If by chance you do slip, you realize that there’s another day coming and you can jump right back on it again cause your only going to hold your self back.

You can also try these if your stumped as well, they’re pretty good as well, but its also a good idea to quite your addiction, This blog is about “Serenity in Sobriety”

New Year’s Resolutions In 2020

  • Take control of the device that is stealing your time. …
  • Make trust your priority: …
  • Say “no” more often: …
  • Use your power responsibly. …
  • Visualize your goal. …

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