It’s My Birthday!!

It’s Birthday time!! I’m so grateful that I have reached this day, my 37th Birthday cause every moment is not promised and I’m not making this morbid, It’s just the truth. My dearest cousin and many other family members and friends have left me so suddenly, My cousin Sabrina made it to her 32nd birthday and 29 days after. After I hit that mark I got so emotional cause she would never feel that feeling of ever growing older. Much love for that girl.

So this is the end of what I call “The 12 Days of Hell” around the holidays, it starts Christmas Eve and ends on my Birthday. Its a time where nothing is ever the same and It never feels like it used to be. I haven’t seen my daughter in 12 years and so I have that as well. This year was my first Christmas in Sobriety and I knuckled down and I was determined to just feel my emotions! what ever came my way, I would feel them for what they were and let them go. I didn’t think it was gonna go the way I expected cause holy hell they came from every direction, the good and the bad but I felt them and the struggle was crazy but its those struggles that help you grow right. As I woke up this morning I said a prayer to myself and thanked my creator for all of them cause it’s over and the 12 days of of hell wasn’t as bad as I thought they were gonna be and I truly am grateful. I’m so looking forward to the beginning of my year cause this is the day when the ball drops for the New Year to start for me. This is gonna be one year for the record books cause I wanna make so much happen this year, keeping in mind that I’m taking one day at a time. My mind is in a new place and the people that I surround myself are encouraging, I’m spiritual to a point I feel grounded with my creator and anything is possible. Its time to start using my potential that everyone sees in me and I need to focus myself to see that in myself. I have so many people to thank around me and for all the years they’ve known me. The feeling I’m getting today is “I’m Feeling Lucky” because of you all, simple and it’s the truth. I might write another one today but I’m going on a mini trip and it should be fun!!! Love you all……

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