Detoxing your Social Media

This idea isn’t old by any means, it’s been around since before 2004 for sure. We detox our bodies from toxic crap, we detox our lives from toxic people, places and things so detoxing Social Media should be on that list as well.

I was doing program today and the facilitator wanted to do a 2 month goal setting with a vision board. I hate vision boards because the magazines that are provided are all People Magazine, a cowboy one, Oprah, some nutty girl ones as well and so to find what we need is just not gonna happen. I improvised by printing stuff off the computer for specifics of what I needed and it got done. Anyways we began by watching some motivational speeches on YouTube done by Matthew Mcconaughey, Will Smith and Dwayne Johnson, you know people like that. I have a few personal favorites that I’ll add at the end cause they make sense to me and what I’m going through.

Getting back to the “Detoxing Social Media” that was one of my picks I was gonna do for the next 2 months and it sounded like an easy job, hell I can do that in a couple hours. Not only is that wrong because I’ve already started a few months ago and I’m still at it, that’s only Facebook. I want to detox my Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Hotmail, My Personal Computer with Pictures, saved Bookmarks and other little bits as well as My Cell Phone Apps, Photos and Websites I’ve saved and bookmarked on it. That is a lot of crap to get rid of digitally and with the technology I own.

Compared to other people I maybe on the heavy side but a road to recovery would be “cleaning house” so everything that isn’t about growth, personal growth, idealism, ideology, belief, rebuilding, discovering, reintegrating…. has to go. All these things that I want my life to be about the journey I want it to look like needs to be found and introduced.

On the flip side I want to follow people that motivate me. Friends and Celebrities, other groups and pages that share and connect on a positive level. The quote by Eleanore Roosevelt that says “Great minds discuss Ideas; Average minds discuss Events; Small minds discuss People.” rings in my head, It’s these people like Eleanor Roosevelt, Brene Brown, Gabor Mate, Nelson Mandela and others that inspire me. Its imaginations that run ramped on a level that they came up with ideas, the blue prints for what we society have today. Someone imagined a metal object that would be able to cross oceans that became a plane, Someone else imagined a light source from a vacuumed glass cylinder that became the light bulb. A rap star that didn’t give up from the other side of the tracks and became one of the best rappers in the world – Eminem and he’s in recovery. Another person in recovery went to clown college and had a dream of doing stupid shit for people and became famous – Steve-O (Jack Ass) These guys inspire me to follow them and listen to their ideas, and all the while introduce my own to those around me.

What I embarked on in my 2 month goal setting is gonna take a little time but it will start to change me in ways like reading positive affirmations on a mirror in the morning. It’s rewiring the brain, it fires messages from one place to another but by using mindful meditation or CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) you take out the old route and establish a new route bypassing the old way of thinking. That was explained as easily as possible but its true, google has it.

If you have gotten this far in reading this article, I challenge you to detox your life and your social media and see where this leads you. I have seen some stuff that I possibly liked over ten years ago and shook my head in disbelief, I was young and naive and I am not who I was, not even 9 months ago. I bet you can say the same thing so little by little start cleaning up and have a little simplicity in a life that has so much information coming at you in every direction. Detox and feel good about your self.

Here’s some motivational speeches as promised

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  1. yup..the whole point of my blog project. i started it 6 months ago. My project ends on January 27th at which time i will be making a post about the positives and negatives of it all. Most were very surprising. I will be going back on Facebook but with a whole new perspective…good luck!! and p.s….if you go back to the beginning of my blog itself i have a plethora of posts about reasons…i just started veering off into other subjects as i went along..haha!


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