Clear and Present Danger

I believe personally that in some ways trauma has brought us to the door of our addictions, It caused it and we needed to relieve it in our minds in some way…and that was through our addiction.

Let’s take a look at Grief for a second. A child loses her mother at the tender age of 7, not have the support she needs to deal with her grief because everyone else is torn from the same death, she’s left to fend for herself. Her father disconnects, her aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents are too far away and she starts acting out in school. There’s no addiction present but how she acts and reacts are clear indicators that something is truly wrong. Does this seem relevant? Does it seem like a movie? Like your childhood perhaps? just different age? When this girl reaches high school, everything is changing in her body from looks to hormones and shit gets real. She’s a typical teenager right? In a few minimal ways yes but this is the start cause she gets into drinking and smoking pot. The hook and bait is right there, she knows that it makes her feel good and different, she likes it and soon enough she’ll notice that she can do this when she feels traumatized, triggered or mad, she could do this anytime with anything and when she hits that point she starts into her progression. She’s baited and took the bite and now she’s gonna have a tug a war with her life. What ever she does or where ever this leads to, whether it’s recovery or a 6 foot deep bed is beyond what I want to say but that’s how trauma starts. It numbs feelings and emotions. We stop growing emotionally and hence we stunt our maturity.

Trauma constantly comes knocking on our doors by the sudden loss of a loved one (grief), When your significant other leaves you after 10 years (abandonment), when we believed we were not enough by our parents, siblings, family members growing up (scarcity) and when these triggers show up we act or react. There are more like these.

To heal these wounds, whether they’re inner child, childhood or something that happened yesterday, we need to find a way to acknowledge it right away and without running towards our addiction of choice so you can deal with it, you grow and mature emotionally.

I post about addiction but I also post about trauma that is the root cause of these addictions. Trauma work is hard, soooo hard but the reward is exponential to the life you are choosing to live, breaking patterns of inter-generational cycles and giving people around you the chance that it is possible for themselves, you are choosing to be a warrior in the face of adversity, lead by example and give back what was so freely given to you and love with empathy and compassion, new people in recovery give us hope that not all in this forsaken world is lost.

Published by Nathan Findlay

Avid Blogger, I have a dream to help others. Addiction is the direct result of Trauma and Recovery is possible.

2 thoughts on “Clear and Present Danger

  1. trauma is the #1 cause of most addictions, whether from childhood or adult experience. Both trauma and addiction are extremely difficult to work through. I guess that is why AA is so successful for many- it’s steps sort of force you to acknowledge and work through both at the same time. I never” took to” the meetings but the literature was invaluable to me during the first few months. Outside of being involved in AA, the system is applicable to almost everyone- addict/alcoholic or not. It’s just that most do not have the self awareness prior to recovery to address these things as they went along.It was likely easier to block things out with a chemical substitute. My understanding now is that i used chemicals( alcohol, cigarettes, etc) to deal with my emotions . I needed a crutch. Sometimes i still feel like that. Going at it raw everyday sucks.


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