A Support System for long term results

When we’re in recovery or even when were not, dealing with traumas from childhood or recent events, it’s a good time to find a support system cause it’s effective and needed for a successful outcome. These events can range from abuse, sexual abuse, grief, abandonment, guilt, scarcity but not limited to injuries, violence, health, neglect, distraught, shame, emotional pain, inter-generational, addiction, loss and esteem. There’s quit a few that can put us out. The first thing I want to say is anyone can experience these and fall in to

When asking an elder last summer when she was 17 and had quite drinking for a couple years, her story took a drastic turn when she said she had relapsed. I waited until she finished her story to ask two questions and I had to make sure I was the first. I asked, What was your reason for relapsing and what brought you back to the red road? She answered with, “I had no support system, back then there wasn’t much encouragement let alone fellowships or meetings to go to.” it was the olden days and information never spread fast or far (she was in her 80’s) She answered her second question by saying that she noticed that things were going to get messy if she hadn’t changed her ways so it was a realization on her part.

I looked at the figures of the treatment center I attended and for the past 2 years they had a success rate of 64% and I was in a class of 30 people at that point so 19 of us were gonna be alright. What about the rest?

Knowing your enemy helps tremendously and that enemy is addiction. Addiction of any sort and when people say that two obvious things come to mind, that is Alcohol & Drugs. those are just the main ones, there’s smoking, pornography, sex, gambling, adrenalin, manipulating people….. there’s so much more that can make our lives unmanageable out there. As I said earlier, Diane had no support and that was one of the main reasons she relapsed. Early in my recovery I knew already I needed people around me that were on the same page, I needed to make them see that I was determined and ready to kick my habit. My family was put through hell so to speak and I had played them so many times that I had to do this to a point that would make them believe me, that I was going to make an honest effort. I started with a counsellor from my band, she jumped on right away cause that’s what they do and that really helped me. I also stayed with Wellbriety and sort of fellowship that comes from an indigenous perspective, I’ve blogged about it a couple weeks ago. I found healthy relationships in sobriety that have been great friends that are awesome to turn to in a pinch, well most of them anyways but that’s how life is. When I got my family on board after my hit 3 months, they’ve been my biggest supports and advocators in my recovery helping in anyway they and I truly appreciate them with all my love. My friends whom really cared that I already had were coming out slowly but they were showing face and support, even the ones I never expected that were total dicks in high school they lent their ears and cheered me on. I haven’t had the opportunity to actually call AA because I know they have a 1-800 number however it is there if I really need it. Treatment at Round Lake is amazing place to go to, they use Native Culture and it really seems to stick with the Medicine Wheel teachings, smudging and sweats. Second stage recovery is also an amazing experience living communally with other recovering addicts, it has its challenges but it holds a safe environment to deal with everything.

These are what I did for my supports for my recovery, it doesn’t mean that yours will look the same, it doesn’t mean that your gonna go to treatment but you will need people that you trust and will call you on your shit. The best thing about this is the giving back what was so freely given to you, the opportunity to see and help someone else that needs this like you did. To see that transformation and witness the miracle of recovery right in front of your eyes. I’m gonna give a few links and numbers below.



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