Tricentennial, 7 things that’s kept me sober

Here are 7 things I have found apparent for myself that has gotten me to where I am now and I am grateful for all of these.


One of the first things I did for myself was to find the support I needed to start my recovery journey. I may have done a few things wrong without knowing it, but finding the people that would help, encourage and stand behind me was the most defining point in my sobriety. They gave words that made me feel like I wasn’t a loser. They showed me sympathy that made me walk a little taller. They believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. They guided my thoughts to find a life for myself without drinking. I had these people to lean on when I was shaky in the knees. When I had doubts, they called me on my shit. Join a support group, there are many out there that you can go to, there are numbers you can call and websites to find where they hold meetings. I cannot stress enough for everyone new in recovery that if you don’t have people behind you, it will be much more harder and lonelier. When you show people that you really are trying, you’ll find through the thickest smoke and ashes of despair, people will walk out into your life and show you empathy and compassion.

Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

Avoiding relapse starts with decreasing overall stress levels, improving mood and cultivating wellness. Be gentle with your self, you’ve put your body through a hell of a lot and this helps with the mind and body. Eating healthy, getting good sleep every night and getting regular exercise. The better someone feels, the easier it is for him to manage frustrations and unexpected emotions gracefully without turning to drugs and alcohol.

Stop putting your self down

Learn to love your self and that includes your mistakes, we all make them and no ones perfect. We’re gonna fall a couple times, its how you pull your self up. putting yourself down for past mistakes and hurts doesn’t allow you to heal and puts you at risk of relapse. Realize that you’re now in a new phase in your life and are learning to think and act differently.

Change the way you talk

I’m talking about how you say your going to make changes in your life. Stop saying things like, “I’ll try and not drink tomorrow.” Say “I won’t drink tomorrow.” or “I might be able to do that for you in an hour.” Say, “I will do that for you in an hour.” Saying that you will do what your set out to do is your integrity and your building that back up again with people and honesty in recovery is everything. You want that trust back from people you lost it with. Say what your gonna do.


Giving gratitude 28 days in a row will re-wire how your brain will send messages in a new way, there’s science behind this one somewhere but if you say a gratitude in the morning about what your grateful for in your life, it can be anything, this will give your thoughts a more positive outlook about situations you may encounter. This one is true cause I caught myself having trouble with something and I said to myself, “I am grateful for the struggles.” and I realized what I said and saw how it was working for me.

Welcome Change

Change is inevitable in our world, what you were last year is not what you are now today. What you were when you were in your addiction, is not who you are now or who your trying to grow into. Growth is change and it’s change for the better so stop trying to stop change or fight it. Accept it and be open with new ideas, views and perspectives. All can be valid and it may lead to your growth in a positive way.

Deal with your Trauma

This one you may want to try a treatment center or with your counsellor. Everyone with addictions has trauma that is blocking them from having a beautiful life. I can’t speak to much more about this but be aware of how you react to people, places or things, your body and mind are telling you that something is wrong and you need to deal with this to effectively put it behind you.


There are more but everyone’s recovery is different and everyone will be in a different stage of recovery. This for me is what I found worked the most. I am just grateful that I have succeeded this far. I have a lot of people to thank and I’m just over 2 months from a year which I am excited for. I have a blog that I am healing with by getting my story out there and letting people read it. I am just happy about my life right now and I’m ready for whatever life has to throw at me cause I know,

February 2020

“I am better than when I am drinking”

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