Using Dreams

What are using dreams about? I’ve recently had an onslaught of them regarding what’s been going on around me lately and they’ve been unnerving. Dreams have been around me my whole life from Lucid Dreams to flying dreams to nightmares about unspeakable things I hope never come true. What about the dreams I’ve been having recently since I’ve been in recovery?

Since being in recovery and living in a recovery house I’ve known everyone around me get them and it’s a topic that comes up regularly. Some dreams are more intense than others while some are bleak and may not mean much. I’ve known myself self to dream ever since I can remember and some lead to Déjà vu and others are just dreams that make sense to what has happened around me.

I was reading that dreams are derived from your subconscious mind trying to make sense of what happened around you, mostly what major areas were affected during your day. This past week there has been a lot of activity around relapse and has been affecting me significantly, more than I’d honestly like to admit and more because I am in recovery and I do not want to go back to what I was like before. I’ve had dreams about smoking some stuff off a tin foil with a lighter and it really messed me up, that was a vivid dream and that was weird cause I’ve never done that before in my life but I do remember watching “Intervention Canada” When it was on Netflix, Me and my cousin binged watched that show and I remember seeing that in episodes so that makes sense. Other using dreams to me that I had were chalked up to my body and my mind making sense of the grieving process that I was enduring my first 6-8 months of detoxing from alcohol and yes I had to go through the grieving process from drinking cause it was such a huge part of my life and I relied on it, it was my friend, my ally and confidence. It never let me down to rid my pain until I needed it again.

I’ve been talking about it with others and reading up on it and while my life facilitator says and I believe it to a certain degree that it’s my mind dealing with problems that I neglect to deal with on a conscious level so I dream about numbing my pain or problems on a sub conscious level. I’ve also read that the person that abused their addiction more intensely had more dreams and vivid dreams as a result. There are many other views on this from personal to medical and who knows which one nailed it or which one was wrong. I don’t believe any are really wrong, all are valid to certain degrees.

The subconscious mind is still a mystery to modern science in most aspects that run our daily lives from motor functions to regulating body temperatures and our heart and such. Our mind and how we think is still being uncovered daily in science from curious people and experts around the world. I know that my own dreams recently shook me, due to the fact that in my dream I was dishonest not only to myself but to those around me and to those I was going to be dishonest to. That is not a part of my recovery, my recovery is about honesty to myself firstly and to those around me, I am rebuilding my integrity and that hasn’t been an easy task, It’s taken time and action in me to show people I am doing my part as best as I can.

I’m posting a couple sites for people to go see and read about Using Dreams and how they can maybe do things to ease the oncoming of those episodes before they happen. I’m for sure glad I was able to talk about this cause sometimes they bug me to the point that I have to ask myself if I’m in relapse mode and I have to take personal inventory and just realize where I am at.

Here’s a couple of the sites I was looking at.

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