July 28th 2020

            This is the first Blog I am doing since being out of the recovery house, I’ve already had some struggles and some of my support has vanished. I’ve reached out to others as I’ve needed them however I was expecting with expectations and that is not fair to me and to my others. I’ve met back up with a bunch of people from in and around Prince George which was needed and I’m super grateful that I have been able to do so from friends I used to know is Ketso Yoh (Men’s Shelter), people from the streets and friends in general including family.

            I’m staying with my super awesome cousin! And a job found me with the help of a few friends!! I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do which is working as a Peer Support Worker downtown Prince George. We help those in need for relief if they have Covid 19 symptoms, We get them quarantined when they get their swab, wait for their results and house them. We also support them with anything from Social Assistance, BC Housing, Applications for housing, find them housing, get them clean supply and get them in touch with any resources they may need. We talked to them, make sure they are fed, check up on them regularly etc.

            I am finding this work very rewarding, I to was once on the streets briefly and I know some of the hardships they go through. No one can teach this in classrooms so I find it an opportunity and in some way an obligation to give them help in any way I can. My boss is amazing, the kindest heart and very easy to talk to and relate to as well, I cannot wait to work beside her and achieve a better standard for those that live on the streets.

            I have no more but to say I am doing fine and I am grateful to be doing what I am doing and I am still thinking for those in the recovery house, my family and friends and having a life outside the recovery house I have a better opportunity to find other stuff to write about and talk about. Thank you all ❤

Published by Nathan Findlay

Avid Blogger, I have a dream to help others. Addiction is the direct result of Trauma and Recovery is possible.

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