Keeping Strong

            July 31st 2020

            My work I am doing is nothing what I used to do before however it is more meaningful than I have ever imagined it. My jobs in the past were mostly camps, mining, sawmill, rigs out in Alberta and running heavy duty machinery. I was a functioning alcoholic at best and there were obvious great points however there were low points as well. I remember one in Alberta where I had to do a reset for 3 days before I was allowed to go up to Fort McMurray for a couple months to do an abandonment job on a few pipes in the ground. Long story short, those three days I boozed and drugged and when I made it to camp when I was supposed to I was sick. I’ll spare you the details however it was mostly a blur anyways and Edmonton wasn’t as fun as I thought it was going to be.

            As I said I was a functioning alcoholic that dabbled in drugs on the side nearing the end of my career in my addictions. Being on the streets last year when I finally chose to quit brought a different understanding to what goes on with homelessness on the streets and lost souls finding their next hit. I had never seen this kind of stuff going on before in my life, it was a whole new perspective of just life that goes on when society turns a blind eye on something that’s right in front of them. A lot of these souls turned out to be friends that made. bad choices and got caught up in what was supposed to be their saviour….. ended up being their demise.

            The job I have taken helps those with symptoms of Covid 19 and places them in a safe place to quarantine for 10 days off from the streets. In those 10 days we feed, advocate and give them *resources* they may need to at the minimum give them a life. How they go about their business after they leave is their choice. I know most of these people from last year before I left for treatment and how this job found me, it was a calling.

            Last night I worked for a couple hours doing “Out Reach” giving out Party Packs, Naloxone Kits, tin foil and snacks. As me and the lady I worked with walked around, I’m thinking of what people are thinking of watching someone like me doing this. For those of us who actually know, these things help and for those who don’t, these help curb the spread of HIV, Hepatitis A,B & C, Hunger, clean supplies and with the naloxone kits…..Death. These people have families, at the least a mother and a father. They may have friends who knew them from before. They may have siblings and extended families. They deserve the chance to live. The NHA and the FNHA and Canada for that matter has deemed Obesity as a disease that Dr.’s are supposed to help with and so why not addictions. I’m not going to get in a political debate however who wants to shoot up heroine for the rest of their lives playing a game of Russian roulette with the Opioid Crisis we’re having? The Fentanyl and Carfentanil and recently Benzos are taking lives away from families and friends. To the person who had a great job, family and kids and lost their leg in an accident and their Dr. prescribed them something for their pain, now they’re hooked cause they found relief from not only the pain but from a different pain as well. Some people are going to read this and think, what about the people who chose this? Yeah what about them? They need help as well. Plain and simple. I am going to use this blog to up my game, talk about Trauma, Addiction and Recovery and how I see fit. My little outlet on my life as I pursue and navigate through my new found calling to help those and advocate for them to live.

            I hope you are on board cause this may get a little interesting, this is going to be part of my recovery story.

*resources* = Housing, Social Assistance, Clean supply, Dr. Referrals, Counselling referrals, Food, Shelter, Methadone, Suboxone, Lost ID’s and replacing them. the list goes on….

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