500 days!!

            Today marks 500 days! A huge milestone in my life and the days keep on coming one day at a time. I remember saying once that if I only put 1% every day, it will add up to something remarkable and I am so very grateful for what I have accomplished and it started with 1 day.

            Today marks another milestone for my very best friend Stefanie, she is 2 years sober today as well and we are celebrating together with a lunch to catch up and so I can give her, her 2 year coin and her very own “Just for Today” Daily Inspiration book. It seems like we barely ever talk anymore but I am very grateful to have her in my life as she helps me grow myself with our shared experience as friends.

            Aside from those exciting announcements I have been working closely with my new job as a peer support worker, helping people who are homeless and living with addictions. I have had a lot of people say to me, “How can you do that Nathan?” and I have nothing to say back but I am giving back. I remember last year when I was on the streets, in the shelter staying sober, living alongside these fellow souls only making their way in life the best way they can. I knew I wanted to come back and do something, make things right the best way I can. I understand now that not all of them want to take that next step but if I can save a life with a noxalone shot, help someone not be hungry for a little while, listen to some of what they have to say and if they’re willing to hear a bit of my story and how I got from where I was to where I am then all was not lost. It’s those ones that say they want the safe supply of suboxone or methadone, that they want to see what a meeting is about or they need a place of their own to get away from street life and find themselves outside of their troubles they somehow found comfort in then by all means I’m there.

            This was not to be a big write up by any means, it’s only a milestone that comes and goes like the others but it means something to me and to see my friend hit her two years is remarkable to be a part of. I see the change happening around me and I only hope to continue to grow into the person I am supposed to.

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